The Lundin Foundation,

      F Consult creates the concept projection to show what the optimal size of an Ecoreaktor including the and the cost for the machines and maintenance of the production.

      Foodhills of Bjuv,, owner of the former Findus plants).

This location for the first Ecoreaktor will render good-will for the concept.

      Associations of farmers in Sweden, LRF etc. will be partners for the development of the concept and possible investors in the technology.

      Farmers worldwide. International suppliers of legumes and part-owners of Ecoreaktors.

      Sustainable Development Sweden, revises our progress and make sure we follow our environmental plan.

      Fores Think Tank, keeps us updated with new business opportunities in the world

      Larsson Sweden,, experts of the the technology

      Various machine developers and suppliers that we could partner.

      Local farmers supplying the Ecoreaktor with legumes.













The business-model invites local farmers to become part-owners in the Ecoreaktor. Ecoetanol AB has the know-how to set up the production, including pricing for a local Ecoreaktor production company to be partly owned by the Ecoetanol AB using a joint venture concept.

This price equals twice the price to set up of the machines. This concept implies that any time a JV-company is set up, there will be enough money to set up the next. Using this concept we enable a quite rapid growth since suppliers of legumes make more money themselves and are then likely to have an incitement to take care of the production.