Soy replacement for fodder used to breeding cattle, pigs and chickens.

Starch for industrial use.


  • Organizations for livestock

  • farmers.

  • Lantmännen Foder.

  • Individual livestock farmers

  • Producers of starch

  • (Lyckeby).

  • Lantmännen Bioagry Industry

  • Ethanol for Swedish and

  • International markets.



As indicated in our Business value proposition, there is a large existing market for different soy replacement products. For example the EU member states import 50 million tons of soy, primarily to the beef industry, whereby most of it is GMO.

In addition China imports 100 million tons, primarily from US suppliers, and now plans show that this volume will soon need to increase to 150 million tons to cover the market needs. And now, due to the emerging trade war between China and the United States, China would rather find it elsewhere. This amounts will not be purchased on the world market but cultivated locally. Ecoethanol has ongoing discussions with companies in the Shenyang area to use fava beans instead of soy, using the Peas On Earth technology. We have this business opportunity sanctioned by the Mayor in Shenyang area, as a result of a personal meeting in May 2018. 

Over time the Ecoethanol technology will be developed to to open up the vegan food products market.